Jason Silva on psychedelics, new technology and the singularity

Visionary motor-mouth Jason Silva is fast becoming the spokesperson for the singularity movement; those techno-optimists who think advances will follow the current exponential curve ever onward right up into digital heaven. They might right and it might be nice. In this video interview with Reason TV, he discusses the accelerating pace of technological change and how it is changing our lives while expanding our minds.

He sees a lot a parallels with psychedelic drugs. But while it was Timothy Leary‘s view from the early 1990’s that the internet would be our generations LSD. Silva thinks it has already outstripped it. Not that he is any less a fan of mind expanding drugs. He has long been a campaigner against prohibition. Not just for Marijuana but for stronger substances too.

He talks ridiculously fast and leaps from erudite quote to erudite quote. If you can keep up, you’ll find he actually makes quite a lot of sense.

“People have always sort of been scared of new technologies,” says Silva. “But in the end we assimilate them and they improve the quality of our lives.”

via How Drugs Helped Invent The Internet: REASON TV interviews Jason Silva on Vimeo.

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