Buddy can you spare a dime bag?

Psychopharmacologist Ethan Perlstein wants your help to build his own meth lab. He needs $25,000 to get started and has turned to the internet to help him out. Using the science crowdsourcing site Rocket Hub he and his lab colleagues are hoping to raise money to do some basic research.

As Ethan says:

“If our project gets fully funded, we will be able to perform experiments that have been long overdue in basic psychopharmacology research. Namely: where do amphetamines accumulate inside brain cells?” he tells us. “In the past, maps of where psychoactive drugs go in the brain have allowed scientists to develop models that connect molecular interactions to cellular responses to macroscopic behaviors.”

Check out the campaign video here.

Crowdfund my meth lab, yo.

via The Fix

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