I wrote a novel

I wrote a novel. There are some drugs in it but not so many. More probably went into making it. The original idea came to me as a result of taking mushrooms and a lot of caffeine was involved in writing it. It’s about a stand up comedian who isn’t very good at telling jokes and a psychologist who writes a self help book saying you don’t need self help books.



Help Yourself – Amazon.co.uk

Help Yourself (Kindle) – Amazon.co.uk

Help Yourself (ePub) – FREE – onemonkey.org

Help Yourself (HTML) – FREE – onemonkey.org :)

Help Yourself (PDF) – FREE – slideshare.net :)

Help Yourself (.DOCX) – FEEL FREE TO IMPROVE IT – Github.com :)

About Caspar

Caspar Addyman has a BA in mathematics, a BSc in psychology and PhD in developmental psychology. He works at the CBCD at Birkbeck, University of London. Before becoming an infantologist he spent eight years writing trading systems in the City. He lives in Brixton, Berlin and Dijon. He never drinks the same drink twice in a night and dances without spilling a drop. Twitter: @BrainStraining
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  1. Corina G says:

    On Amazon you mentioned a free version of the book on a certain monkey something website. Was that a joke or…

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