Spy gadgets for catching cheaters

Spy gadgets for catching cheaters

Most of the surveillance equipment that was once only available to the FBI and government agencies is now available to your typical Jane or Joe at a relatively affordable price. Spy gear like listening devices, hidden cameras, GPS locators, PC and cell phone spying, mobile and PC spyware, and digital forensics software, are available to buy either online or elsewhere. In this article we’re going to run down your options of catching cheaters with tech.

spy gear gadgetsSpy Gear for Catching Cheaters

Spy Tech: Hidden Cameras

The best spy gadgets are the ones you don’t even know are there, and hidden cameras have a long history of being some of the best spy gadgets for catching cheaters.


  • Hidden Cameras do not require much technical expertise to install.
  • They can be set up in plain site without attracting unwanted attention.
  • They are almost always motion activated saving you from having to fast forward through hours of video.
  • Can now be connected to WIFI for live streaming.
  • Have useful options for cheaters like alarm clocks and light bulbs that can easily be integrated into a bedroom environment.
  • Surveillance of your own property is well within your legal rights


  • You must know where the cheating is taking place.
  • If it’s useful to catch cheaters, it’s probably not useful for other reasons.

Hidden cameras are useful to an extent, if you suspect your husband or wife of using your own bed in order to do the dirty deed. Otherwise, hidden cameras are not so useful.

Spy Tech: GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are essentially spy gadgets that track the location of a the device. They can be very useful for catching cheaters.


  • Tracks the location of a partner or their vehicle.
  • Ensures that the partner is being honest about their whereabouts.


  • Only tracks location of the vehicle, but does not indicate specifically what the partner is doing there.
  • Can lead to both false positives and false negatives.
  • If partner is cheating at work or other permissible location, you will never know.

Spy Tech: Cell Phone Gadgets

Recovery sticks are perfect for spouses who want to extract all of the information from their partner’s phone. They do not require you to root the phone or even install any extraneous software on the phone. They can even recover deleted messages. All you need to do is plug the phone into a computer and plug the recovery stick in at the same time. It will even generate a report for you.


  • Seamlessly extracts information from a smartphone.
  • Leaves no trace of its usage.
  • Recovers text messages, phone logs, Twitter, Facebook, and deleted data.
  • Requires no app installation.


  • Requires physical access to the phone. Either sim card extraction or you’ll have to physically plug the phone into your computer.

Why use Spy Tech?

Cheaters are often dishonest and you deserve to know if you’re being cheated on or not. Of all the options mentioned above, gaining access to the phone is by far the best. While software exists for monitoring phones, the sim card extractor and recovery device leaves absolutely no trace and does not require you to install any extraneous software, and they can generally be purchased for around $50.

Spy gear to catch cheaters

Spy gear to catch cheaters

As cheating tech like affair websites gets more and more sophisticated, so too does the technology to catch a cheater using spy gear. If you’re concerned that your partner has been cheating on you but you don’t know for sure, there’s a number of different pieces of technology you can use.

Mobile SpyWare

SMS Shadow

In this article I want to talk a little about some of the free software that is available on the internet. One well-known piece of software is called SMS Shadow and it can do much of what similar proprietary pieces of software can do, including: capture text messages, social media messages, including picture messages, new apps installed, emails sent, time stamp and information of phone calls received and made, web browser history, and GPS location of the phone.

The app must be installed on the target device but one of the best things about SMS Shadow is that it will not show up on their list of installed apps (if you download the correct version). Initially it will show up as a widget and in order to initiate it you must drag and drop it onto the desktop. Once that is done, you can register the app using an email address. This email address will be used to log into the site that records the information that you want to glean from your partner.

spy tech cheaters gearCatch a cheater in the act

Next, what you want to do is register an account on the SMS Shadow website that will allow you access to the information that is being sent there. The website will then send an activation link to your email address and there you have it, you’re all set.

Now, the free version of SMS Shadow only allows you to sniff SMS, but if you’re interested in paying for the premium service, then you can access all of the other things that are listed above for only $3.99 a month, and there’s a 3 day free trial.

So if you want to catch a cheater using spy gear, this would be one of the best and cheapest ways of doing that.

SMS Backup Plus

As the technology for cheating got better, so too did the apps to catch a cheater using spy gear. In fact, some of these applications have NSA quality functionality and are fairly simply to install depending on your level of expertise. A program like SMS Backup Plus requires that you know how to root a phone. As far as cheating spy gear goes, this is fairly invasive. Firstly, rooting a phone likely voids the warranty, so if the phone ever has a problem that is covered under the warranty and your partner goes to check it out, they may find out the hard way that you’ve been spying on them. Nonetheless, SMS Backup Plus, is a good app for going through someone’s text history but it won’t do much more than that. You will need to be savvy enough to install it directly to the apps folder, so you’ll need to know how to root the phone and install it without them knowing or being able to see that it is installed.

Both of these methods are incredibly invasive ways to find out if your girlfriend or boyfriend are cheating on you. In most places they are illegal and violate the terms of service for using such services in the EULA. On the other hand, the majority of these programs are used specifically for the purposes of spying. Your best bet here is to cover your ass. Don’t use real email addresses and if you do pay for services, use prepaid credit cards.

Human errors that get you caught cheating

spy tech cheatingStalking apps

How your stalker girlfriend will catch you cheating

If you’re cheating, thinking about cheating, saw someone you think is hot, or smiled the wrong way at someone, there is a certain sort of girl who is just predisposed to see this as a violation of her sovereign territory. She will be right there to notice, accuse, and attack you for any perceived infidelity be it real or imagined.

If you’re actually thinking of cheating on her, but don’t want to get caught then there are a few things that you should know.

Shared computers will get you caught cheating

If you’re going to use cheating apps, dating apps, dating sites, or fling dating sites, then you don’t want to be using them on shared computers. Why? Because even if you clear the browser history, that information is recoverable. A savvy stalker girlfriend can not only recover that data by rolling back to a restore point, she can also go through your DNS cache and look through every single site you’ve been on for the past week.

Not only that but clearing the browser history is a red flag to her that you’ve been doing something nefarious behind her back. This is one of those human cheating errors that will get you caught, and it is neither difficult to execute, nor difficult to find out how to execute. A simple search over google will reveal a dozen different ways to recover the browser history including the two I just mentioned complete with how-to guides, FAQs, and links to software.

If the girlfriend wants the information bad enough, she will have it, and nothing short of vaporizing your hard drive will keep it from her.

Stalking Apps

Sometimes girlfriends just can’t handle their boyfriends having any relationship with any other woman. For them there are various new technologies to catch them cheating (or not cheating). One of those are stalking apps. Stalking apps are spyware for mobile devices that upload all of your activity on your mobile device to a server that can be accessed by your girlfriend (ie, the stalker) at any time.

The devices report your whereabouts, record the text of messages you send and receive, who you are getting phone calls from, the contents of your emails, passwords to social media sites, all of the media files in your memory, which sites you accessed via browser, your chat histories, and they can even take pictures of you at random.

While it’s extremely illegal to install such software on someone’s computer or mobile device without their consent, stalkers don’t much care what is legal and what is not. Instead they do things out of a compulsive and invasive need to know and control.

Some of these stalking apps cost hundreds of dollars but others can be readily downloaded from the dark web. While women are far more often the victims of this than men, men too get victimized from time to time.

So if there is spyware on your mobile device, you want to be sure how to identify that and get rid of it as quickly as possible. Here is a list of issues your mobile device might have if spyware is installed on it.

  • Lights up randomly and for no reason
  • Battery suddenly drains quickly
  • Weird noises or beeps during calls
  • Randomly shuts down or reboots
  • Your data usage suddenly increases

If any of these things are happening to your phone then you need to scan it and have it removed, and presumably dump your girlfriend or boyfriend because they’re probably nuts.

Is social media really private enough to let you cheat?

catch her cheating socialSocial media cheating

Catch her on social media trying to flirt with other dudes

If you think your relationship is heading down the toilet but don’t know if you’re just being paranoid or not, one possible way is to catch her on social media. There are a couple of different ways to do this and these ways primarily target different devices.

For instance, one of the best options for a laptop or desktop computer that you would have access to is the installation of a keylogger. Keyloggers are not the most efficient pieces of software because they record literally every keystroke entered into the machine throughout the course of the day. On the upside, if she is social media cheating on you with another dude you will find that out for sure.

Social media privacy has never been very good, but nowadays with so many individuals accessing their accounts over phones it’s even worse.

Mobile SpyWare

So called stalker apps were ostensibly created for parents to keep tabs on the activities of their children, or for overbearing governments who are afraid their citizens are going to overthrow them. Now boyfriends and girlfriends or even husbands and wives can deploy this kind of spyware to keep tabs on their frisky partners who may be trying to get a piece of action on the side.

A good stalker app can do all of the following:

  1. Log all keystrokes entered into the device
  2. Identify where on a map an individual is located by tracing their phone
  3. Monitor metadata on calls including from who and timestamp
  4. Read text messages sent to and from the device
  5. Read emails sent to and from the device
  6. View websites accessed from the device
  7. Read instant messages from a variety of apps like Skype and Tinder
  8. View all media files like videos and pictures
  9. Data sifting and analysis

The issue with such stalker apps is that you need to be able to physically access the phone and install the spyware on it. In some instances the software will require you to jailbreak the phone first which voids the warranty. If you’re caught you can have a serious problem.

Is the use of Mobile SpyWare legal?

Depending on where you live the laws regarding this will change. In most instances it is illegal to install software on another person’s mobile device without their knowledge or consent for the sheer purpose of spying on them. However, so long as you don’t need to use the information in a lawsuit, it’s very difficult for them to prove that you were the one who installed the software in the first place.

In most cases, with the proprietary software, the companies have designed the software for use by parents or individuals that want want to keep track of their phone or their children. Using it beyond that constitutes illegal wiretapping and you might be criminally liable if you’re caught using the software illegally.

Thus it isn’t the best option to bring it your cheating partner‘s attention that you’ve bugged his or her phone since cheating on you is not illegal, but illegal wiretapping is illegal under privacy laws. Your best bet if you choose to use software like this is to find out whether or not they’re interested in other people and then cut them off and move on.

If you get a chance to access the phone again you’re definitely going to want to remove the software before you break up with them.

What is a sexting app and how do you cheat with it?

sexting app cheatingCatch a cheater

Catch a cheater who is using sexting apps

Not all spy gear for cheating needs to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some software-based options that should save you a bit of money.

Catch a cheater with Digital Forensics Software

One thing you need to understand about modern computing is that nothing is ever really deleted. What ends up happening instead is that the connection between the memory and whatever triggers the recall of the memory is simply disconnected. That means that the data is still there, but the access point to the data is still gone. Even data that has been overwritten several times can be recalled using computer forensic applications that harvest the half-forgotten bits of data from your computer.

You can now hire a computer forensics company to recover, record, and analyze all the data that was ever written to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you want to find evidence of a cheating husband or wife for a divorce but only have suspicions then you may be interested in hiring one of these guys to find the data you’re looking for.

If you choose to do it yourself, that may confirm your suspicions but it also may not be usable in court since a chain of custody cannot be established and you can be accused of tampering as a biased party.

Catch a cheater with Browser History Recovery

Recovering browser history on desktops or laptops is really easy. The fact that it’s been deleted may not necessarily be a huge red flag, but if you already suspect your partner of cheating then it may be the proverbial icing on the cake. If your cheater is using online dating sites, cheating sites, or sexting apps, to do the dirty deed and then wiping their browser history they are vulnerable to the well trained eye.

One way to recover the browser history is setting a system restore point and the rolling back the system to the restore point. So long as the evil-doing cheater’s browser history was recorded before the restore point was set, that data can easily be recovered. Then, all you have to do is check the browser cache for dating apps and cheating sites and you’ll have all the information you need to know. If you’re partner is cheating using sexting apps and pages, you will know.

Catch a cheater with a Keylogger

Keystroke loggers or keyloggers are apps that sit in your memory and then record every single letter you type into it. This is probably the best method for detecting a cheater who is using sexting apps or webpages because you don’t need to have the browser history or set a restore point in order to get it.

Each keystroke is recorded in a data file that you can access and that your partner will have no idea even exists. So if your partner is flirting on social media sites, over Skype, setting up dates over affair dating sites, or anything of the sort, you will be able to find out using a keylogger.

One other potential benefit of a keylogger is the ability to sniff out and find passwords. So if you’re interested in your partner’s activities on sites like Facebook, so long as they have entered the password in manually a keylogger will be able to find it. Most browsers record passwords locally on the computer in encrypted files. But now, if you clear the browser history, they will be forced to retype each of their passwords into their social media accounts giving you free access to them.

Keyloggers are very useful!