Is social media really private enough to let you cheat?

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Catch her on social media trying to flirt with other dudes

If you think your relationship is heading down the toilet but don’t know if you’re just being paranoid or not, one possible way is to catch her on social media. There are a couple of different ways to do this and these ways primarily target different devices.

For instance, one of the best options for a laptop or desktop computer that you would have access to is the installation of a keylogger. Keyloggers are not the most efficient pieces of software because they record literally every keystroke entered into the machine throughout the course of the day. On the upside, if she is social media cheating on you with another dude you will find that out for sure.

Social media privacy has never been very good, but nowadays with so many individuals accessing their accounts over phones it’s even worse.

Mobile SpyWare

So called stalker apps were ostensibly created for parents to keep tabs on the activities of their children, or for overbearing governments who are afraid their citizens are going to overthrow them. Now boyfriends and girlfriends or even husbands and wives can deploy this kind of spyware to keep tabs on their frisky partners who may be trying to get a piece of action on the side.

A good stalker app can do all of the following:

  1. Log all keystrokes entered into the device
  2. Identify where on a map an individual is located by tracing their phone
  3. Monitor metadata on calls including from who and timestamp
  4. Read text messages sent to and from the device
  5. Read emails sent to and from the device
  6. View websites accessed from the device
  7. Read instant messages from a variety of apps like Skype and Tinder
  8. View all media files like videos and pictures
  9. Data sifting and analysis

The issue with such stalker apps is that you need to be able to physically access the phone and install the spyware on it. In some instances the software will require you to jailbreak the phone first which voids the warranty. If you’re caught you can have a serious problem.

Is the use of Mobile SpyWare legal?

Depending on where you live the laws regarding this will change. In most instances it is illegal to install software on another person’s mobile device without their knowledge or consent for the sheer purpose of spying on them. However, so long as you don’t need to use the information in a lawsuit, it’s very difficult for them to prove that you were the one who installed the software in the first place.

In most cases, with the proprietary software, the companies have designed the software for use by parents or individuals that want want to keep track of their phone or their children. Using it beyond that constitutes illegal wiretapping and you might be criminally liable if you’re caught using the software illegally.

Thus it isn’t the best option to bring it your cheating partner‘s attention that you’ve bugged his or her phone since cheating on you is not illegal, but illegal wiretapping is illegal under privacy laws. Your best bet if you choose to use software like this is to find out whether or not they’re interested in other people and then cut them off and move on.

If you get a chance to access the phone again you’re definitely going to want to remove the software before you break up with them.